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How to Deal with a Bad Review

The great thing about the internet and social media is that you can find out as much information as possible about a business before you decide to use their services. Online reviews are one of the most valuable and trusted resources for both businesses and customers alike – but what happens if you end up with a bad one?

It can be super hurtful to find negative comments about your business online, especially if you have put a lot of work into your customer service. So, here are a few tips on how to manage negativity when it happens (and it will happen, because it happens to everyone!).

The first step is not to take it personally. These comments aren’t about you, they are about the business, and it is very important to make that distinction. The following tips should help you to reframe your way of thinking.

1. Your business isn’t for everyone

Not everyone is going to love your business, and that’s ok. There are enough customers out there for your business and the competition, so if a customer finds that you’re not a good fit for them, the bad review is simply reflecting that.

2. Bad reviews are helpful

A recent study found that for every customer who leaves a bad review, 26 other unsatisfied customers remain silent. So, actually a bad review is fantastic feedback for areas that you can improve on and, in turn, convert unsatisfied customers into satisfied ones.

3. See it as an opportunity to shine

Customers love to read reviews and they take note of how a business responds to them. So, if you respond to the bad review with a super positive customer service, you may find that it generates more business.

4. Turn on the charm

It can be tempting to have the bad review removed but this is a bad idea. Instead, use compassion and empathy to deal with the customer. Respond to the review quickly, listen to the customer, apologise sincerely and resolve the issue swiftly.

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