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Are You Following the Social Media Rule of Thirds?

The task of maintaining an effective social media presence can be a daunting one – with so many platforms and so little time, it is no wonder that many small business owners don’t know where to start! Juggling content across multiple profiles while trying to stay up to date and relevant can appear overwhelming. But there is a simple strategy that can help entrepreneurs to unlock the benefits of social media marketing without the overwhelm that often comes with it. The social media rule of thirds.

What is it?

Essentially, the social media rule of thirds is about effectively sharing content without putting too much emphasis on one aspect of your marketing game. It should look a little like this:

· 1/3 Customer interaction

· 1/3 Promotion of products or services

· 1/3 Relevant industry news

That’s it! If it looks too easy, that’s because it is. Effective social media management is all about good quality communication. Your audience doesn’t want to feel “sold to” or bombarded with irrelevant memes of cats (even if they are funny).

Think about it this way – your social media presence should feel as though you are having a conversation with a friend. You don’t just talk about yourself all the time, you encourage interaction with your audience while sharing interesting information that they may want to check out.

The rule of thirds is about promoting, engaging, and sharing.


While many of us use social media as a way of accessing a target consumer, it shouldn’t come across this way to the audience otherwise you’ll lose them. Don’t be that person at the party who talks about themselves all the time, no one likes it!


Start a conversation with your customers, find out what they like, share their content, like their posts – all of these interactions make a customer feel appreciated and valued. Which is a pretty vital aspect of getting them on your side!


Sharing relevant, interesting content to your audience shows that you take your industry seriously and you know what you’re talking about. This then positions you as an industry expert. What’s not to love about that?

If you would like to find out how the social media rule of thirds and digital marketing can help your brand, get in touch for a free consultation today at to see how we can get your business the traffic it needs.


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