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Social Media Ideas to Boost Your Online Presence

It’s one thing having social media platforms, but it’s quite another using those platforms effectively. Social media has the power to really elevate your brand but coming up with ideas when you’re juggling a thousand business demands every day can often be challenging. Ideally, your social media calendar should always be planned at least a week in advance and should give you a good foundation to promote your messaging and engage with your audience. Here are some ideas and suggestions of things you can put into your calendar.

Show your personality

Long gone are the days when brands had to speak like robots and stick to a rehearsed script when talking to customers. These days, social media allows audiences to see the people behind the brand, and so they have come to expect a human presence when they interact with them online. Introduce the team online or show photos of a day in the life of your office to convey the human side of your business.

Build relationships

Rather than trying to gain as many followers as possible, build relationships with the ones you already have. Having a small number of followers who regularly engage with you and buy from you is far more valuable than having 1 million followers who have nothing to say to you. Get chatting to your followers – they will love the interaction and you might be surprised by any feedback you get.

Play with visuals

There’s no doubt about it, audiences love to see photo and video content. Live videos, animated graphics, and images get infinitely more exposure than plain old text updates, so ensure that you maximise this angle by using them wherever possible. Reposting customer images is a great way to build relationships with them and show that you appreciate your audience or create some easy infographics or quote photos that people will want to share.

Stay active

Inactive social media platforms don’t reflect well, so try to post as regularly as possible, even using automation to ensure that you stay on top of daily updates. You don’t have to come up with completely fresh content every time, you can repurpose old content several times over and make it look different each time you post it.

If you are looking for ways to maximise your furniture store’s social media marketing strategy, call us on 01202 948423 or email us at to see how we can get your business the traffic it needs.


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