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Tips for Creating the Right Content for Your Brand

When it comes to running a small business, social media is king. Not only is it a great way to engage with your community, but it also provides an excellent platform to develop the voice of your brand. A smart and savvy social media account = more sales.

But slick content and glossy Instagram accounts can easily fool business owners into thinking they have to invest thousands on equipment and to make social media work for them. The good news is that it doesn’t have to work like that at all. That’s not to say that taking a few blurry snaps and posting them is enough, however! There is some degree of effort involved, but with a few tips you can get started on posting content that your audience is interested in while staying true to your brand.

Define your goal

Many businesses think building a following is as simple as throwing together a few hastily written blogs and posting a few social media updates. But there is a lot more to it than that. Get to grips with what you hope to achieve through your content. This could be:

1. Brand awareness

2. Subscribers

3. Conversions

4. Lead generation

5. All of the above!

Your goal will determine the type of content your brand needs to deliver in order to achieve it.

Be consistent

A great way to connect with your audience and encourage them to keep coming back to your brand is to remain consistent with your approach to social media at all times. From finding the perfect filters for your photos to maintaining a brand voice across posts and blogs, applying the same rules for posts each and every time will ensure that your business consistently tells the same story.

Use your audience

Your audience is the biggest and best way to promote your brand. Use them! Whether they’ve recently bought one of your products or they’re sharing your content, encouraging your audience to tag your brand in their posts is a super-effective and free way to get more advertising for your business. Provide incentives for tagging your business by re-posting their shots on your stories and promoting them in return.

Make apps work for you

Apps are a great way to make your smartphone photos look like a million dollars, so download a few and play around with them to find the right aesthetic for your brand. From VSCO to Snapseed, there are a multitude of apps that can take your content to the next level.

Scope out the competition

It’s always a good idea to know what you’re up against, so check out the type of content that your rivals are posting. Do they focus on competitions or are they more likely to post helpful blogs and engaging stories? This will help you to determine what kind of content your audience would like to see more of.

For a fully tailored approach to creating content for your brand, get in touch for a free consultation today at to see how we can get your business the traffic it needs.


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