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How is Covid-19 Affecting the Furniture Industry?

With the general population staying inside for a lot of the time, it is no surprise that attention has turned to our interiors. The importance of a clean and comfortable space is paramount in maintaining mental health during these strange and stressful times. Working from home, homeschooling, and all of the other home-based activities that we’re experiencing means that our homes and our lives benefit hugely from an upgrade in comfort and style.

There’s no doubt about it, the unprecedented impact of Covid-19 on consumer trends has highlighted a super important need for the furniture industry to provide a superior online shopping experience.

With a huge 12% increase in first time online buyers during last year’s global lockdown, it is more important than ever for furniture manufacturers to embrace the online experience and cater to the rising demand for good quality, sustainable products with exceptional online customer care services. The proportion of sales that took place online has grown by more than 10%, with many in the retail sector reporting sales increasing by more than double.

In-store sales have obviously experienced a huge decline, demonstrating the importance of an online presence and digital storefront.

Furniture companies who are looking to make the most of the online boom and demand for quality furniture and interior styling will need to ensure that they have everything in place to accommodate it. A strong and likeable social media presence, an easy-to-navigate website, excellent online customer service, competitive pricing, and ecologically sound furniture are all essential components for success moving forwards.

How we can help

Our years of experience working in the furniture industry have enabled us to develop a tried and tested formula for all of your digital needs. From cutting edge website solutions and high converting social media content to digital adverts and product sourcing, we can provide your business with the entire package that will see you through the pandemic and beyond.

Our Ecommerce websites come mobile commerce ready and search engine optimized with a free SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth. Our social media posts, advertising, and email marketing campaigns are crafted to target your specific audience and will dive the traffic you need to your site.

If your business has been affected by Covid-19 or you’re looking to get one off the ground, call us today for a free consultation on how we can help.

Call us on 01202 948423 or email us at to see how we can get your business the traffic it needs.


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